Guide To Buying A Second-Hand Car Engine

Posted On Jul 09 2019
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The car engine is one of the essential parts of a car. The functioning of the entire vehicle depends on the engine. Thus, individuals should be careful while purchasing a second-hand engine, in case their car engine requires replacement.

What To Check When Buying A Used Car Engine


One of the significant damages to an engine is when it suffers from overheating. The excess heat damages the engine and causes the car to stop working. The coolant is the liquid that prevents temperatures in the engine from rising to higher levels than necessary. Thus, while purchasing an engine, the customer must check the coolant. Presence of foam or oil residue or the coolant leaking and missing with the oil are signs of a bad engine that buyers should watch out for.


Check the radiator to make sure there is no rust around it. The presence of rust indicates that the previous owner did not use enough of anti-freeze, and the cooling was dependent on water. It may lead to insufficient cooling and hamper the performance of the engine.

Turning Over The Cold Engine

The sounds that a cold engine makes, when one turns it over, acts as an indication about its performance and condition. You need to sit in the car for a few minutes to understand how the engine is working. Clanking and grinding sounds indicate that the engine is not in good condition. You must be particularly careful at the beginning when the engine is cooler to watch out for such noises.

It is because it is difficult to identify problems when the engine is warm. If the engine does not make any explainable noise, you can go ahead and buy it.

Colour Of The Smoke

Colour of the smoke can also suggest the condition of the engine and predict its performance in the future. The color of the smoke depends on the carbon deposits in the engine. Black, thick smoke suggests that the engine is not in good condition.

Colour Of The Smoke

Test Drive

Just the way you need a test drive before you buy a car, the same rule also applies for an engine. The engine is the reason why the vehicle can work. You can take a test drive to understand the working of the engine. Take your experience into consideration before you decide to purchase the second-hand engine.

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